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Fingerstyle Guitar, Online Success Part 1 of 2 (with Adam Rafferty) Ep054

Adam Rafferty is a jazz guitarist-turned fingerstyle guitarist who has found huge success through YouTube, as an online guitar-coach, and as a touring performer. Check out his awesome fingerstyle arrangements of tunes by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, as well as jazz standards. Joe McMurray and Aaron Sefchick have the opportunity to talk with Adam about his journey, his internet success, his method of arranging for fingerstyle guitar, his gear, and his experiences with copyright law.

In part 1 of 2, Adam tells the guys about his career as a jazz guitarist and teacher in NYC and why he now spends the majority of his time touring throughout Europe with guys like Michael Fix, Don Ross, and Petteri Sariola. Then he talks about the early days of YouTube, how he tries to stand out in an oversaturated online video market, his stint working as a computer programmer, and his Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout podcast.

The next topic is how Adam arranges for fingerstyle guitar: capturing the bass and melody lines and making sure it grooves. He also has a thorough knowledge of Bach 4-part harmony and utilizes it in his arrangements.

Find out more about Adam Rafferty at: https://www.studywithadam.com/ or https://www.adamrafferty.com/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/adamraffertyguitar/. He also hosts the Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout podcast.

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Fingerstyle Guitar Part 2 of 2 (with Guest Host, Dustin Furlow) Ep029

In part 2 of Fingerstyle Guitar, Dustin gets into his process of arranging his compositions and how he goes about coming up with his melodies. The guys also discuss one of his original songs, “Elder Tree”, the role of an audience, how Dustin was approached by booking agents, the process of booking shows/tours, concertsinyourhome.org, Dustin’s connection to fingerstyle and his solo show, his practice routine and resources that he recommends.


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Fingerstyle Guitar Part 1 of 2 (with Guest Host, Dustin Furlow) Ep028

Joe and Aaron bring in guitarist and vocalist, Dustin Furlow, to discuss all things fingerstyle guitar. The guys talk about influential fingerstyle guitarists including Tommy Emmanuel, Stephen Bennett (harp guitar), Andy McKee, Tony McManus, Garreth Pearson, Don Ross, Mike Dawes, Adam Rafferty, Adrian Legg, Alexander Misko, and Matt Thomas. They look into approaches to choosing the right keys for solo fingerstyle guitar arrangements, as well as alternate tunings such as DADGAD and open D tuning. The guys dive seriously into the details of nail maintenance and acrylic gel nails for fingerpicking.

Dustin, with his wealth of experience playing and performing with high end acoustic guitars, explains the benefits and downsides of many types of guitars, especially as they relate to fingerstyle guitar playing. They look at the differences in sound and playability of Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Larrivee, and Beneteau guitars, as well as choosing the right pickups and pre-amps to get the best live amplified sound.

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