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Music School and Job Opportunities Part 1 of 2 (with Guest Host, Cole Holland) Ep026

In Episode 26 of Fret Buzz, Aaron and Joe talk to Cole Holland of We discuss Cole’s early musical journey and the preparation that led him to Berklee School of Music. We dig into the program and special ensemble offerings at Berklee and how they may or may not differ from those of other music programs. We look at the entrepreneurial skills required to make a living as a professional musician – self-promotion through a personal website and social media, understanding our tax system, etc.

In the next episode we will dive into Cole’s year as a cruise ship musician as a member of the B.B. King All Star Band.

Bass Guitar and Jam Bands Part 2 of 2 (with Guest Host, Randy Nicklas) Ep025

Today on Fret Buzz Aaron and Joe continue their conversation with Randy Nicklas, a touring bassist and music teacher. The guys talk about how to approach writing a bass line, the importance of being aware of the drums, different teaching styles and ways to approach your instrument, feeling the music beneath your fingers, bassbandicootmusic, the out of body experience you get with performance, and music therapy.



Bass Guitar and Jam Bands Part 1 of 2 (with Guest Host, Randy Nicklas) Ep024

Today on Fret Buzz Aaron and Joe feature the awesome Randy Nicklas, a touring bassist and music teacher. The guys discuss Randy’s musical journey along with stories from the road from his time touring with Broccoli Samurai. During this time Broccoli Samurai had the opportunity to open for popular jam bands like Umphrey’s McGee and Pidgeons Playing Ping Pong.

The guys discuss whether you should play a 4-string or a 5-string bass guitar as well as different bass amps and effects pedals. They explore the role of the bass guitar within the context of a band, approaches to chord progressions when playing the bass, and a ton of great music, especially jam bands.


Classical Guitar (with Guest Host, Nick Lee) Ep023

In today’s episode we talk about the cross-over of jazz and classical guitar, Andrés Segovia’s role in the classical guitar, getting work as a classical guitarist, why classical guitar isn’t as popular, what to look for when buying a classical guitar(woods, strings), nail upkeep and angle, a funny nail story, calluses, where to start when interested in classical guitar, different exercises and books to consume, players to check out, and alternate tuning.

Thank you to Nick Lee…