Monthly Archives: October 2018

Watch Your Tone of Voice (with Guest Host, Brent Barker) Ep017

This week, guitar virtuoso Brent Barker joins the Buzzards as a guest host to discuss how to develop and maintain an original voice, sound, and style in the face of an ever changing music industry.

Topics include: staying true to your sound and artistry, adapting to shifting trends in modern music, reinvention of playing style, learning new ways to express traditional techniques, the future of instrumental guitar music, and so much more.

An Evening at The Big Top Ep016

In this episode, Aaron, Joe, and Tony deliver their top picks for the albums most influential on their playing styles, techniques, and overall musicianship.

Sit back and relax this hour, as the guys run down their favorite riffs, licks, tones, recordings, noises, chirps, and echoing mountain ranges- all in the name of “Fret Buzz The Podcast’s Best of The Top”

Down at The Crossroads Ep015

This week, Aaron and Joe share their stories of reinvention following relocation to various cities and work experiences. They discuss the intersection of their own musical journeys, perspectives on academic music training, developing a foundation in ear training, and their evolving definitions of musical success.

Today’s episode is dedicated to cough drop companies around the world, as Tony seeks an endorsement to combat his severe laryngitis.