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Recording and Mixing Part 2 of 2 (with Guest Host, Tynz Hampton) Ep022

In part 2 of Recording and Mixing, the guys get into topics like where to start with a mix, how to approach mixing drums, an audio engineer vs. a producer, preproduction and communication, laziness and stealing music, having the client mix with you vs. mixing on your own, and expectations of an audio engineer.

Tynz Hampton – District Entertainment Recording

Recording and Mixing Part 1 of 2 (with Guest Host, Tynz Hampton) Ep021

This week Joe and Aaron sit down with guest host Tynz Hampton and talk about taking care of yourself before the studio, releasing your music now, the fear of putting yourself out there, mixing in a sonic space, the Fletcher Munson Curve, and taking a breaks for fresh ears.

Setup, Maintenance, Repair (with Guest Host, Larry Berwald) Ep020

In this weeks episode Joe and Aaron have Larry Berwald of in the guests chair. They get into the subject of how to care for your instrument and the things you can do to help extend the life of it.

The Recording Studio tips and tricks from the Fret Buzzards Ep019

Aaron and Joe begin the process of familiarising those who may not be as knowledgable in the studio envirornment. Making sure the palyer in in top condition, using the right microphone and experimenting with mic placement, cables, and the interface/preamps.

And all that Jazz Ep018

Aaron Sefchick and Joe McMurray discuss the influences that jazz has had on their lives. They talk about the jazz guitarists (and other instrumentalists) that originally made them excited to listen to and/or play jazz, including Kenny Burrell, Pat Metheny, Grant Green, and many more. Whether you are interested in playing jazz or just listening to inspiring music, this ever-evolving genre has many different flavors to discover.