Building Acoustic Guitars 1 of 2 (with Marc Beneteau) Ep047

Marc Beneteau has been building custom acoustic guitars out of his workshop in Canada for 43 years.  He builds such high quality instruments that many modern virtuosic acoustic fingerstyle players (including Don Ross, Tony McManus, and Dustin Furlow – our Fret Buzz Episode 28 and 29 guest) choose to play Beneteau guitars.  If you play or simply appreciate acoustic guitars, you won’t want to miss this conversation between Marc and Fret Buzz co-hosts Aaron Sefchick and Joe McMurray.
Marc’s fascination with building guitars began in 1974 when he saw legendary John McLaughlin with a custom guitar in a magazine.  He tells the guys his story of becoming a custom guitar builder.
Marc discusses many details of acoustic guitars: internal bracing patterns, how different body shapes affect the overall sound quality, and custom options such as arm rests, rib rests, and sound ports, and fan frets.  He tells Joe and Aaron about when Don Ross asked him to build his first fan fret guitar a decade ago.  Marc explains the benefits that players gain from fan frets as well as the challenges that builders face in building guitars with them.  The guys talk about fret ends and bindings, harp guitars, baritone guitars, and even the idea of a microtonal guitar.
Marc is incredibly informative and friendly as he shares many insights into acoustic guitars.  Drool over his guitars at