Carbon Leaf, Touring, Making It Big, Part 2 of 2 (with Barry Privett) Ep046

As the frontman of Carbon Leaf, Barry Privett has successfully toured and recorded with the same band since 1992, crossing paths with huge names in the music business (Dave Matthews, Blues Traveler, Avett Brothers, and many more).  Over the course of their continuous 27 year career, he has learned many things about music itself, the music business, record labels, touring, and strategies for keeping the peace among band members.  Joe McMurray and Aaron Sefchick enjoy the opportunity to dive deep into the world of one of the music business’ hardest working bands!

In Part 2 of 2, Barry explains how the band adjusts its vibe and setlist depending on the region that they are touring through and the energy of the crowd.  He goes on to talk about the Celtic-inspired phase that the band went through in the early 2010s, their lead guitarist’s multi-instrumentalism, their new bass player and drummer, and how they get together for a week at a time to rehearse and/or write.
Barry tells the guys more about the ancillary duties of different band members and how that keeps their business afloat.  He explains the origins of the name “Carbon Leaf.”  Finally he tells us about the many bands that they have toured and performed with over the years.
Fun facts: In 2002 Carbon Leaf won an American Music Award for their song “The Boxer.”  They featured Katy Perry in their 2006 music video, “Learn to Fly.”  They recorded music for 2009 film Curious George 2. In 2002 their music was featured on national commercials for the Pontiac Vibe.  They have played with/crossed paths with other major acts including Dave Matthews, O.A.R., The Avett Brothers, Sister Hazel, Big Head Todd, Blues Traveler, Jason Mraz, and many others.