Synthesizers and Sampling (with Guest Host, Paul Gaeta) Ep033

We explore synths, drum machines, samplers, LoFi music, studio monitors and so much more with the help of Mr. Paul Gaeta, an electronic music producer and manager at the Moog Factory in Asheville, NC.

Paul explains how he came to work at Moog, and then tells us about his electronic music project, which utilizes a Juno 60 synth. He also tells us about his lofi project and the copyright problems that arise from sampling songs.

We delve into Paul’s musical writing process, and Joe explains chord theory by comparing chords to cookies. No matter what instrument you play, a synthesizer could be a great way to spur some creativity in your music.

Paul talks about how to generally use synths – don’t try to recreate a sound in your head (like a “saxophone” sound), but try to explore the sounds that you can pull out of the synth by way of filters, LFOs, oscillators, and different waveforms (saw tooth, square, triangle, etc). He explains the differences between mono synths and poly synths, between analogue and digital synths, and places to start if you want to get into synths but have no prior experience.

From there we move into the world of drum machines and samplers. Paul tells us about different pieces of equipment and generally how to use them.

The conversation gets into the music of Stranger Things (from the synth-oriented electronic band Survive) and Michael Jackson, the evolution of MTV and VH1, and GarageBand and the modern era of instant gratification.

Check out some of Paul’s projects:
Paul Abdul (lofi beat stuff)

Panther God (synthy stuff)

Xero God (rap project)