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Hosting FM Radio (with Guest Host Steve Black)

Steve Black may have conducted over 1500 interviews of famous musicians and bands over the past 30 years, but Aaron and Joe use the opportunity to get Steve’s story of what it’s like to be a rock radio host. Steve tells us about how his incredible journey started back in 1989 at a radio station in Detroit, Michigan, and how a blizzard gave him the chance to run his first radio program. We dig into Steve’s take on what makes a good radio personality, how he runs his own show, and how he sets up interviews and then prepares for them.

Steve tells us about interviewing Ted Nugent, Bob Ezra (producer for Pink Floyd), and Paul O’Neil (producer for Trans Siberian Orchestra). He tells us about his friendship with Steve Vai. He even tells us about the time he went to a birthday party with Guns ‘N Roses.

We discuss the changing music industry and how to get your music onto the radio. We also get the story behind Steve’s book, “From Black to Light.”

Steve has his own show called the Chop Shop, which is centered around the guitar, but includes many different styles of music.

Also check out Steve’s podcast:

The Sound Of