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Music School and Job Opportunities Part 2 of 2 (with Guest Host, Cole Holland) Ep027

In this episode of Fret Buzz The Podcast, we continue the conversation with Cole Holland about his musical work on a cruise line. Cole tells us his path once he exited Berklee School of Music and how he happened upon the opportunity to join the B.B. Kings All-Stars at sea. He also goes into his setup and what rehearsal looks like. Finally, the guys get into a bit of guitar theory and what a daily practice routine entails.

Cole Holland-

Music School and Job Opportunities Part 1 of 2 (with Guest Host, Cole Holland) Ep026

In Episode 26 of Fret Buzz, Aaron and Joe talk to Cole Holland of hollandazemusic.com. We discuss Cole’s early musical journey and the preparation that led him to Berklee School of Music. We dig into the program and special ensemble offerings at Berklee and how they may or may not differ from those of other music programs. We look at the entrepreneurial skills required to make a living as a professional musician – self-promotion through a personal website and social media, understanding our tax system, etc.

In the next episode we will dive into Cole’s year as a cruise ship musician as a member of the B.B. King All Star Band.