Drums and Public School Music Teachers Part 2 of 2 (with Guest Host, Shaun Rodgers) Ep041

In the 2nd half of our interview, we continue our conversation with Shaun Rodgers.  In part 1 we talked a lot about Shauns current projects and teaching music in the Virginia public school system, and in part 2 we talk about the University of Maryland’s music department and about drum kits.  Shaun is a former colleague and bandmate of hosts Aaron Sefchick and Joe McMurray, playing drums in their original band, the Kairos Quintet.
Shaun graduated from the University of Maryland’s music department, and we ask him to detail his experience.  He tells us about his reasons for choosing the University of Maryland, the teachers (many of whom perform with the National Symphony), the amazing music facilities on campus, the classes, and the overall vibe of the school.
We dive into the world of drum kits.  Shaun explains his different kits, and how he chooses which one to use for each gig.  We discuss drumming techniques, choosing drum sticks, snare drums, the sounds of different drums based on the types of wood that they are made from, electric drum kits, and hand drums.
Shaun currently plays in several bands around Northern Virginia including:
–  Broken Ground Band: a 1990s/early 2000s cover band (www.brokengroundband.com)
–  Half Pint Harry: a band featuring tiny instruments (www.halfpintharry.com)
–  FarAway: an acoustic duo (plus drums) (www.farawaysongs.com)